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Paws and Nose is an international charity organization registered in US. Paws and Nose works with veterinaries and animal rescue groups and shelters to help save lives of our furry friends in Iran.

100% Volunteer Staff

The board members and officers of organization are passionate volunteers who are dedicating their personal time and resources to help animals. Their love for animals has no borders. They believe all animals deserve the same basic medical care, food and sheltering no matter where they are born.



Paws and Nose RidePAWS AND NOSE RIDE

Mehrdad Erfani will pedal 100 miles, climbing more than 9000 ft to the highest point on the Blue Ridge parkway in Virginia on May 21st 2017 to raise funds and awareness for Paws and Nose.

We wish him the very best of luck on his endeavor for our animals in Iran.
Please support him to help put an end to Animal Abuse and Cruelty by donating today. 


Pardis Medical Dec 2016

Paws and Nose has granted $3000.00 to Pardis shelter and Pastor clinic this month to help them cover their cost of medical treatments of injured and homeless animals.

A big THANKS! to you from all the injured animals who were helped by your donations. You have saved the lives of 47 animals with this grant:
o 12 female dogs were spayed
o 3 dogs went under surgery and treatment
o 13 cats went under surgery and hospitalization
o 19 cats received medical care and hospitalization

Pardis has an emergency team who responds to calls regarding injured animals in Tabriz and its surroundings. Their medical cost ranges from $2000 to $3000 monthly. Monthly contributions are a big help. Please donate to Pardis medical using the Donate page:



gofundme Pardis


Paws and Nose is working with Pardis Animal Shelter to raise funds for the completion of the new shelter. Please help us to reach the goal of $13K by clicking on this GoFundMe link.




LatestNews OFAC



Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) has granted Paws and Nose the license to transfer money to Paws and Nose’s local partners in Iran.